Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lent 2014 - 8th April: childhood books

Today's simple pleasure is that of remembering all those great childhood books. I am reminded today of 
'Bednobbs and Broomsticks' that was put into film by Walt Disney. As I remember that my love of Enid Blyton also comes flooding back. I read the Famous Five books but I much preferred the Secret Seven and books such as 'The Island of Adventure'. As a child I was encouraged to read and found my solace in childhood encyclopedias and comics. A piece of paper, some coloured pencils or some paints and a comic or book and I would entertain myself for hours. I am naturally creative but it is only recently that I have found my creative side again. I don't think I have ever lost my love for reading. It is is part of who I am. As a teenager I loved the classics, mainly Thomas Hardy. As a child, a teenager, and as an adult I have always ready the Bible firstly in picture form and then as a teenager the Revised Standard Version. Today my preferred version is the New Revised Standard Version which is also a Spiritual Direction Bible. Second choice is the New International Version that flows slightly more readily. I still love Thomas Hardy and the Classics, I still love the Beano and Denis the Menice. I still love to read God's Word.

Can't beat a good read or, as my earlier froidian slip read, a God read.