Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Last Supper

So does the Last Supper represent the end of the journey or the beginning?

Having lived in Nailsworth for some 15 years (I only meant to stay for 2 or 3) and the fact that I shall be leaving soon (when I eventually sell the house) I thought it was about time that I went to St George's Church.  I can never work out what page I am suppose to be on but I seemed to manage reasonable well to follow the communion service.  Some of the communion was sung and although I couldn't join in, as I didn't know the tune, I really enjoyed the change.  The church seemed friendly and warm and some of the faces seemed familiar - I guess I have been passing many of them in the street on a day to day basis.  

The big draw to the church however, was the painting that hung over the altar....

   A Last Supper by Lorna May Wadsworth

The painting is magnificent, a modern interpretation of Da Vinci's Last Supper.  

Unlike Da Vinci however, the central figure is a black Jesus.  Having been commissioned to paint the piece, following a legacy given to the church, Wadsworth retained artistic license to interpret the Last Super as she saw fit.  She chose to make all the disciples good looking with Jesus himself based on a  supermodel by the name of Tafari!  Why not?  It certainly makes you think.  

The painting hung for a time in St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square but has now found its way home to Nailsworth.  If you get a chance to go and look at the painting yourself then go - apparently the light is better about 2.00pm when the summer sun finds its way through the stained glass window as it searches out the altar.

Communion is all about remembering the man who hung on the cross so that we may be reconciled to the Father.  Whilst this may be my first, and perhaps last supper in Nailsworth it is a memorable one...