Thursday, 18 November 2010


Gargoyles always seem to amuse me - but then I'm easily humoured.  Designed to stop the rain water from the roof falling directly onto the stonework below.  Designed to look evil or at least menacing to remind us that evil can be found outside of the church or cathedral and not inside it or perhaps to ward off evil spirits.  

These were all taken at Gloucester Cathedral.  It was a beautiful sky that day.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Do Youthful Tears Still Flow?


Each November we remember those
who gave their lives for us.
Those remaining from the wars
without complaint or fuss,

Will bow their heads in homage and
think of those that died.
Up and down the country they will
            lay their wreaths with pride.

Some will talk in ageing voices of
comrades buried young.
And recall a distant land where
those boys did not belong.

Many have seen the unnamed graves
where crimson poppies grow.
They have seen the price of freedom,
where youthful tears still flow.

As images reel round and round
            in their ever fading sight.
Let us bow our heads and give thanks
            to those who fought for right.

copyright Maggs Payne

Monday, 1 November 2010

Crossing the line

I'm back!  Sorry I've been gone for a while but life has got in the way of blogging.  Something to do with living in Gloucestershire and pastoring a church in Burton Upon Trent and the 105 miles in between.  

I ventured into Derby for the first time the other week and made the mistake of parking in a 'car park' in Crompton Street only to be clamped for 'being over the designated bay'.  I dispute this as only one tyre was on the white line.  As as certain tennis player would say, 'You cannot be serious... the ball was on the line!'   Here is the picture to prove it.... and a cartoon that caught my eye from asboJesus that seemed to strike a chord.  Lol (laugh out loud).

The line was crossed!