Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Its been some time since my last confession

My first year of ministry has been rather hectic so I have not really had time to blog.  Hopefully I will get back in the swing of it again soon.  I was encouraged recently by one of my deacons telling me that her friend had been reading my blog and suddenly realized who I was.  At least I know my words have not been completely wasted. 

We had a great week of prayer a couple of weeks ago.  Everyone was encouraged to try as many sessions as they could and to try different ways of active praying, such as, praying through art, praying through walking, praying through music, and praying through writing.  Here is my contribution from the day on writing.  God does speak in some mysterious ways - here is my confession, however, I would point out I have never done drugs....!

Its been sometime since my last confession.
I don't know how long its been.
I know I missed the bus last week and shouted out and screamed.
If only I'd have been on time.
If only that man from number forty-nine hadn't made me read that sign.
What was he trying to tell me?
What was he trying to say?
'Keep off the grass' it read.
Its been sometime since my last confession.