Sunday, 24 November 2013

I am a Weary Traveller


I visited a pub called 'The Weary Traveller' recently. The events of the day and subsequent weeks have culminated in this poem. I hope you enjoy it. May you travell well in your journey of faith. 

I am a weary traveller
I wander far and wide
Searching for an answer
To the pain inside.

What's this love of which you talk of                     
Can I find it in the gutter?
Is this grace really opportunity 
Or something that you mutter?

I am a weary traveller 
I've journeyed many miles
Sat beside the fireside
Reflected in the hours.

I desire to find the meaning
To the mystery that is life.
Do I surrender to God's mercy
And accept him in my life?

I am a weary traveller
Weak and on my knees
As the embers give their last glow
I hear the gentle breeze...

'You are a weary traveller but
There's no struggling required.
Relax, take off your boots
I know that you are tired.'

The travelling is over
The road no longer tread
I've finally met my maker
And I rest my weary head.

©Revdjo 24/11/13 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Today has been a blessing

Today has been a blessing 
That lights the darker times.
A glimmer of moonlight
It ignites the evening sky.

The joy of knowing Jesus
Reflected in their eyes.
Simplicity of childlike faith
Unknown to you and I.

The love that radiates
Across unknown divides.
Smiles that echo truth
Amidst the world's lies.

They may not have an answer
To the mysteries of life.
But grace and mercy meet
Inside a heartfelt rhyme.

Today has been a blessing
That lights the darker times.
Something to hold on to
In months and years gone by.

©Revdjo 21/11/13

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Seasons of the soul

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ~ For everything there is a season ~ and a time for every purpose under heaven

Seasons change as time unwinds
Leaves fall and sorrow grows
Tears flow
Loss is mourned.

Winter hits
Cold bites
What once was 
Now is ice.

Look and see
Green shoots
Flowers bloom
Spring unfolds.

The sun shines
All is well
Summer joy
Warmth and fun.

Seasons change as time unwinds
We wonder why
But life goes on...

©revdjo 6/11/13

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Chris Duffett's painting Marathan

Chris Duffett is doing a painting marathon to raise funds for The Light Project. Have a look at his blog which is fab as are his paintings. A gifted man of God.