Sunday, 24 November 2013

I am a Weary Traveller


I visited a pub called 'The Weary Traveller' recently. The events of the day and subsequent weeks have culminated in this poem. I hope you enjoy it. May you travell well in your journey of faith. 

I am a weary traveller
I wander far and wide
Searching for an answer
To the pain inside.

What's this love of which you talk of                     
Can I find it in the gutter?
Is this grace really opportunity 
Or something that you mutter?

I am a weary traveller 
I've journeyed many miles
Sat beside the fireside
Reflected in the hours.

I desire to find the meaning
To the mystery that is life.
Do I surrender to God's mercy
And accept him in my life?

I am a weary traveller
Weak and on my knees
As the embers give their last glow
I hear the gentle breeze...

'You are a weary traveller but
There's no struggling required.
Relax, take off your boots
I know that you are tired.'

The travelling is over
The road no longer tread
I've finally met my maker
And I rest my weary head.

©Revdjo 24/11/13