Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Sometimes words aren't enough to say what we mean. They paint pictures but still leave much unsaid. Poetry whispers and shouts emotions more eloquently than other forms of words on a page. I guess that's why I enjoy reading the psalms. This year has been one where perhaps lament has been more appropriate than joy. It started with me taking the funeral of an uncle. My father died. A good friend died. An aunt has also now sadly passed away. Why? I guess it was just their time.

Life is short. It's meant to be lived and enjoyed. Why do we spend so much time arguing and falling out with one another?

We are left with the memories of loved ones ingrained in our hearts. They remain a reminder of joy shared and lives entwined.

In memory of Pauline....

With painted nails
          hair in style
                  and raspberry lips
                          from which you
Dainty tiny feet
             danced a tale
                            of long ago
                                 of joy and
Dark brown eyes
          twinkled to the
                           dawn of yesterday
                                     no more alight
                                           this 'morn.

Revdjo 23/6/2015