Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lent 2014 - 13th April: history

Today's simple pleasure is history, no literally 'history'. I love history. I can never remember any date but that's almost beside the point. I love the beauty found in National Trust properties and other such places. I would have like to have gone exploring one today given it was such a lovely day but we had a few chores to do. 

My favourite academic subject at school was history, being an all girls friend we never studied the First and Second World Wars in any detail, I wish we had. Instead it was kings and queens and such like. I have a lasting memory of one rather excentric teacher who had us standing on our desks and waving our rules pretending to be Vikings or something. The head teacher came in to tell us off for being rowdy I seem to be recall and then went out again a little embarrassed realizing we had been encouraged in this madness.

We can learn so much from history but it seems the human race still continues to go round in circles making the same old mistakes. I am intrigued by the wisdom that can be gleaned or ignored through studying it. Today's simple pleasure is history maybe it's not your bag and you wonder why I call it a pleasure. We all have a history that makes us who we are some of it good and some of it bad. We can let our own history effect us in a negative manner or we can learn from it and move on. History whether we like it or not is part of who we are. Surely it is better to embrace it and at least find contentment in it than ignore it and stick out head in the sand.