Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lent 2014 - 31st March: swimming

I have always loved to swim. I wouldn't say I'm a particularly strong swimmer but I enjoy swimming up and down the pool. Today's simple pleasure is swimming. Sometimes we can feel that we are swimming against the tide. Sometimes we perceive the waves to be massive and much bigger than they actually are. Sometimes we can feel like we are drowning in life. Life can be hard and demanding. Following Jesus doesn't mean we will never face trials. Being a Christian isn't easy. Life isn't easy. Trusting Jesus is not always easy but yet he asks us to put out faith in him during these difficult times. 

When I am in the swimming pool I feel close to God. It has become a time of centering prayer for me. No need to speak words but just to be with God. As I swim I sense God around me. He is to my right and to my left keeping me safe, he is below me keeping me afloat, he is above me keeping a watchful eye, and he is before me guiding my way. Spending time in the water cleanses and refreshes me in a spiritual way. I leave my troubles on the side of the pool and I try not to take them home with me.

A simple pleasure to give thanks for - swimming. Jump in, the water is warm!