Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lent 2014 - 6th April: wandering around cathedrals

I may be a non-conformist of the Baptist persuasion but I so appreciate the architecture and presence of God to be found in a Cathedral. The above photo is of course Westminster Abbey which I visited recently. There is something about the grandure of Cathedrals that proclaims the awesomeness of God. Our non-conformist history is short in comparison to the established church and consequently we lack age in our buildings. We also tend to lack the grandeur. 

    Gloucester Cathedral's beautiful ceiling.

Baptist chapels are simple so as not to distract from worshiping God. I like the simplicity but sometimes I want the grandure and ornateness which reflect God's glory and majesty. I am eclectic in my spirituality and a true ecumenical at heart. A simple pleasure for me is to gaze in wonder at our places of worship that differ so much and yet all point to God in their own unique way.

Today's simple pleasure is wandering around Cathedrals, it could equally be sitting in a simple chapel.