Friday, 11 April 2014

Lent 2014- 10th April: gazing at the view

One of life's 
simple pleasures
is of course
to gaze

at the view
of dancing clouds 
and rolling weather

of patchwork quilts 
knitted together

secrets hidden 
amongst the leaves

some to be seen 
on bended knee

or stood 
side by side 
in solidarity

much to behold 
in art
and science 

In history 
and mystery
of bygone 
year on year

there is much 
to gaze
and admire

warming views
of sandy shores

of setting sun 
in foreign lands

of rolling hills
in Gloucestershire

Maybe a view 
of grass 
and sheep.

maybe just 
a piece of cake
or icecream flake

Or Devonshire teas
with views of
sea and sail.

Or just 
a silly photo 
of Jo's snail

what do 
that gives 

©revdjo 10/4/14