Friday, 28 March 2014

The Efficiency Express

Faster and faster we hurtled along. The landscape blurs from the window. Faster and faster we travel. The beauty of where we were lost quickly to the past. Faster and faster the efficiency train ran head first along the track that had been laid down. Faster and faster we rocked in our carriages coupled together; resistance was futile. Where were we going? How long would it take?

Brakes slamming we ground to a hault. Wondering what was wrong we looked at our watches. Anxiety clamoured for attention as schedules were lost. Phone calls and texts and emails rang out. Sat on the tracks our journey before us wondering why you and I should be waiting this way? A voice from heaven declared an emergency. Hearts skipped a beat as we waited to hear. What happened? Who was it? What casualties were taken? Anxiety and panic an alarm call of pain and distress. First Aid is needed an ambulance called. We sat and waited some answered the call.

No longer faster and faster but ground to a stop we sat and we pondered and reflected some more. How long must we wait? How long will it take? How long will it take on this journey of faith? Anxiety subdues and peace starts to reign. No point in worrying about the schedule delayed. Acceptance and reassurance enter the carriage, sanity breaks. We see for the first time the beauty outside.

The train begins to shudder and we start moving once more. Tracks laid down a lifetime ago dictate the direction. Faster and faster the train flows once more. But who laid the tracks? Do they still show the way? Do we journey together or each our own way? Does the voice in the sky make any sense? Do we ignore the tanoy instead? So many questions to ask on the way. The conductor just smiles and says, 'Have a nice day.'