Monday, 10 March 2014

Lent 2014 - 10 March: Poetry

Today's simply pleasure to thank God for is poetry. I can't say I know that much about poetry only that I enjoy writing it and occasionally reading it. I really ought to read more. It seems of late every time I have gone to blog a poem transpires. It is a great way in which to express emotions. Sometimes my poetry express my own emotions, other times I try and place myself in other peoples' shoes. I can't say I have a favourite poem but here is one I learnt as a child. 

Here am I with my four daughters
Dead from drinking Cheltenham waters.
If I'd have stuck to Epsom Salts
I wouldn't have been in these here vaults.

I like it because it is local (Cheltenham is not far from Stroud where I grew up) and because it amuses me. The voice from beyond the grave has a certain sarcastic tone that always makes me smile. Growing up I spent many a happy hour in the local grave yards looking at the graves. Destined to be a vicar don't you think!

What is your favourite poem or poet?