Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lent 2014 - 25th March: Spending time with Dad

March 25th is my Dad's birthday, he is 79 today. This is a photo of me and Dad, I must have been about 10 I think. Birthdays can be simple pleasures to enjoy and to look back on the past year. Birthdays come and go every year but dads are far more special. So today's simple pleasure is spending time with Dad. They don't last forever and I am conscious as I write this yours may have passed away. I hope you have fond memories. 

God is refered to as our Heavenly Father. The Lord's Prayer begins, 'Our Father who art in heaven'. Sometimes relationships with our human fathers are not ideal. Sometimes earthly fathers can be abusive, or unloving. I hope that is not your experience but if it is know that God is not like that. Our Heavenly Father's love is pure, full of grace and there no matter what. Today's simple pleasure is spending time with Dad, have you spent time with your Heavenly Father today?