Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sharing the shame

Lost in my body
My soul escapes.
It ventures the road 
others won't take.

Tears lost inside
Pain is my name.
Shouting at me
Sharing my shame.

If only you saw 
The man at the door.
Watching with me
As I look at the floor.

They use me 
And abuse me.
They look
And they prod.

Day after day,
Hour after hour,
Minute by minute
I look at the clock.

I wonder if I 
Will ever remember,
Sunshine and freedom
The rain in September?

©Revdjo 21/7/13

Today we had a speaker, Andrew Wrath, from Hope for Justice. When will human trafficking end? We commemorate the abolishing of the slave trade but yet it still continues. Human trafficking is the slave trade of this century. It needs to stop; until then we share the shame. Please Lord let it end.