Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I've been cleaning the house tonight. Here's a poem that arrived as I soaked awake my aches in the bath - one of my places of inspiration. I hope to like it.

'Throw out the rubbish'
I heard you say.
I emptied the bins,
for the sake of my sins.

'What about those spots?'
I looked around..
And scrubbed and cleaned,
I washed the pots.

'The dust in the corner.'
'The speck over there?'
I hovered the rug
And under the chair.

I listen for your voice.
I hear only a din.
The music next door.
I open the gin.

Drowning my sorrows
I put up my feet.
It's comfy here.
I fall asleep.

'What about your hands?
And the state of your heart?'
I open my eyes.
You gave me a start!

©Revdjo 7/8/13