Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Bird Got the Worm!

It seems that I have now found that place to where God has called me to pastor.  I am feeling like the bird who finally got the worm and as happy as a cheshire cat.  I'm not sure that cats and birds really go together or indeed that there is any similarity between the worm and the church.  I hope not - lol (laugh out loud).  I took this photo in my back garden, on the day it was taken about a dozen Thrushes descended from the sky in search of tea.  Most, after much digging finally found a worm, although not all.  Settlement has been very difficult for the last couple of years but it seems that God had a plan for me all along.  Did I doubt this, no not really.  But when you are walking in the valley it is sometimes difficult to see the mountain top.
My thoughts and prayers are with those who are still in the valley digging for worms.  If you look up you will see God smiling and knowing full well there are plenty of worms and much to do for His Kingdom.