Thursday, 17 June 2010

Where does the road lead?

Where does the road lead?  Hmmm.. I am back on my journey again.  Whilst I know the road leads to Burton-on-Trent it appears there are a few hills to climb first.  Mortgages to sort, a house to sell, a house to buy, a dissertation to write, an ordination to enjoy.  I think I need a holiday!

It is good to know that God journeys with me and that the people at Burton are waiting at the end of this road with expectancy as to how our journey together will continue.  Whilst I am excited by new prospects I am sad to be leaving behind my beloved Gloucestershire.  Whilst I'm still here I am trying to enjoy the area as best I can.

These photos were taken in around Shortwood, near Nailsworth, Glos, where I live.