Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Dittie and a thought..

Not much time to blog this week but, I thought I would share a 'dittie' (short poem) with you that I learnt at school when I was about 11.  For some reason it keeps going round and round my head at the moment...

Here am I with my four daughters
dead from drinking Cheltenham waters.
If I'd have stuck to Epsom salts 
I wouldn't have been in these 'ere vaults.

I can't believe I can remember it from all those years ago.  My class had to learn a poem, or two short ones, to recite in class and the winner was to compete against pupils from the rest of the school.  I learnt two poems, although I can't remember even what the other one was about.  But, I do remember that I went wrong on purpose as I didn't want to enter the competition.  I had a fear of public speaking - God really does have a sense of humour sometimes!