Friday, 7 December 2012

Do you hear the Advent heartbeat?

I do not intentionally write in verse but somehow it creeps in, or is it out? I like the patterns the words form on the page. I haven't really noticed that much before. It is as if you can see it living and breathing all on its own with its heartbeat connected to God's. I really ought to start reading some poetry and pay attention to its form but maybe my childlike attempts say something in their rawness that would be lost if they become too polished. Well that's my excuse.  Actually, I will make the effort to improve but my to-do list seems endless at the moment. I never know where my writing is going until I start tapping on the keyboard. I am often surprise by the change of direction and unexpected rambling as I connect with God. You never know what you are going to find on a journey. The important thing is to keep our eyes and ears open. To enjoy the wonder of creation through it to hear the gentle whisper of God's voice. Travel too quickly and you miss the moment. It is in the stillness when we pause for thought that we hear His heart beat.  As we journey towards Advent it is good to pause just for a while...    


I am only a child,
Sometimes I act a little wild.
But I long to be 
who you made me.
To sit at your feet 
And feel your heart beat.
Help me to grow
And others to know
Your love is forever.
You long for us to be together 

As I await your desire
Set me on fire.
The Advent hope
Is surely no joke.
I see your infant smile
Lighting up the dial
Of the ticking clock
As I sit in the dock
Waiting for the sentence
Maybe I need repentance? 

The bars that surround
draw me in by their sound.
Trapped in by my shame
I know my excuse is lame.
I try to change
I find it strange
That after so many years
I still shed these tears.
Knowing I am excepted
Because we are connected.

I will get it wrong
And mistake the song.
But need only remember
especially this December.
You are the one 
That brings me most fun.
You are the incarnate joy,
The love, and the boy
who is the gift...