Wednesday, 7 December 2011


It is so hectic this time of year its a wonder that anyone has time to stop and think about the real meaning of Christmas and to gaze in wonder at the Christ-child.  Christmas has become for many about presents and an excuse to get drunk.  As I rush around preparing for Christmas services and visiting those who are housebound and sick I wish the world would slow down, just for a moment.  I bought a present for a little girl who is currently in hospital a few days ago, a monkey that laughed when you tickled it.  I put it in a bag with some tambourines that I had bought for church.  Every time I knocked the bag the sound of laughing and rattling could be heard, much to the amusement of me and my fellow shoppers.  I was still laughing along with the monkey some hours later.  Unfortunately the monkey made the little girl cry, but that's another story. 

As I reflect on the birth of Jesus this Christmas I pray that you will find time in your busy schedule to stop and do the same.  I hope that your Christmas will contain fun and laughter and many blessings in wonderful and unexpected ways.