Thursday, 13 November 2014


A poem about the unique place where I grew up...

Searching they came 
Tramping the hills
Roaming the valleys 
Observing it all
Utterly transfixed in
Delight and wonder

Stoping to gaze
The travellers see
Round-about and Ecotricity
Obscurity and eccentricity 
Unusual may be
Dull it is not

Seeking the country
Tractors and Wellies
Roaring log fires
Overeaten bellies 
Unseen big cats
Dandelion meadows

Standing in awe
Tasting the beer
Rugby and football
Oh we have it all 'ere
Unique mills and
Derelict mansions 

Surveying the cows
The ice-cream factory
Rambling footpaths
Over common land
Untold history and
Delights to be found

This is the place that we call STROUD.

©revdjo 13/11/14