Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Purple Teddy Bear

My purple teddy bear sat in his favourite place.

 A poem for Joyce...

I have a purple teddy bear
Who sits upon my dresser.
Head to toe in big white spots
He looks like he is poorly.
I wonder what's inside of him
But that's another story.

Should I take him to the hospital?
Should I wrap him in a blanket?

Today I simply say to him,
'You're lonely not forgotten.'
I gaze upon his smiling face
Remembering his warm embrace.
I say a silent prayer for him
And remind him he is loved.

Should I try and make him laugh?
Should I talk of days gone by?

I place him by the tissues
And mop his silent tears.
Endless hours he sits and stares
Days and months and years.
He doesn't say a word to me
But I hear him and his fears.

©revdjo 15/10/13