Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Mind of Christ

Baptist Church meetings are all about finding the mind of Christ. They are not a democracy where everyone votes in an expression of their opinion but rather a theocracy where we seek to find the mind of Christ and listen to what God says about any one issue. This was on my mind as I wrote this poem. Let me know if you like it. I always have difficulties in knowing if what I write is hitting the spot or not. 

The mind of Christ
Is always there.
We search in earnest
And see him there.

He's in the midst
He weeps with you.
Sorrow and pain
Are in his stare.

Look up to Jesus
Nailed to a tree.
forgiven sinner
that's you and me.

Watch, listen.
We tread the path
on solid ground.

And pray we must
to seek his face,
With bended knee

The mind of Christ
He's in the midst.
Look up to Jesus
Watch, listen
And Pray we must.

Revdjo 18/9/13