Friday, 18 January 2013

Pushing doors with a little help from Miranda

Are you in the hallway wondering what's next?

The good thing about hallways is they always lead somewhere depending what door you choose: an office to study, a comfy bedroom to rest, a bathroom for a bit of relief, a kitchen if you're looking to be fed, a dining room to share a meal with friends, a lounge for entertainment, a utility room to wash the dirty laundry, or through the front door - the excitement of a big wide world.

I wonder which door God will open for you?

The only way to know if the door is open is to push it. 

I have just finished one of the books I got for Christmas, Is it Just Me? In case you are confused that's the name of the book, Miranda Hart Is it Just Me? (2012, London, Hodder & Stoughton) Actually, it's not just me finishing their Christmas reading. I know of a few other friends who have just done the same. I digress, something Miranda is good at in her book, nothing like a good digression and a forward roll (you really must read said book to understand what I mean) to amuse and make you laugh. Such fun. If you have the book turn to page 312...

My beloved, my trusted reader, my faithful St Bernard of a chum. We have now addressed, confronted, lolloped through and gently probed (pardon) a number of important issues together. Like a contestant on a reality television show, we have been on a journey... I'd now like to lead you into our final subject: dreams.


What do you dream is behind 
the door?