Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hop, Skip and Jump

Hmmm well it has been a while since the last blog.  Please forgive me. I seem to have been up to my eyes in dissertation, trying to sell the house and thinking about my future ministry in Burton upon Trent.  

On the house front we have found somewhere in Burton that seems ideal.  It was amusing to find out that the house is owned by a retired Anglican vicar and his wife.  The downside is we still haven't sold our house yet and so we are not in a position to make him an offer.  Our neighbours of 15 years moved out last week it seems it is an end of an era.  The new neighbours are very interesting though.  He is a Methodist minister from the other side of Derby, Matlock I think, due to retire in a couple of years time.  When he asked me over the fence what I did for a living he laughed and did a little gig around the garden at my reply.  God really does move in mysterious ways and certainly has a sense of humour.  I am convinced God is playing a game of chess with me.  Well I am obviously not a bishop but am I a mere pawn or a more strategic piece?  A rook perhaps, you never know where they will move next, or at least it is difficult to keep up with their next moves.  One hop, skip and a jump and I will be in Burton an who knows what hopping, skipping and jumping for joy will take place once I'm there.  I can't wait...

So is cheque-mate the end of the game or the beginning?  (There seems to be a recurrent theme going on here.)  Are there lots of rematches to come?  Is there any point in playing when you know God is going to win?  Or does the game say more about free-will and our ability to choose the next move?  My theology is more Arminian than it is Calvinist.  Which means that I do not have any strong beliefs in predestination.  We have a choice.  We can serve God and do His will or we can go about our own thing leading a wild life.  Whilst I have on occasion opted on the wilder side of life nothing compares with the sense of fulfilment that I have now.  Even when we serve God it is not the case of being puppets to the puppet-master in the sky.  We are part of God's mission and have our own roles to fulfil.  (I am currently looking at Evan Roberts' role in the Welsh Revival - more on that in the next blog.)  Was New Church Burton upon Trent the only church that I could serve God in as pastor.  No, I could have served God in another church.   Is he calling me to New Church Burton upon Trent - Yep!  For this is the Church who have said, 'Yes' to God and 'Yes' to trusting me to lead them in.  Who knows what is in store for us but I am in no doubt that God is going to bless us big time.